These are some of the instrumentation and research facilities available at Atrimed Biotech

  • Proteomics Lab and Small Molecule Analysis Lab – This facility enables the expression and characterization of proteins, produced or modified by an organism. This lab contains the 2D-gel systems and nano differential scanning calorimeter for protein analysis, LC-MS, HPLC chromatography systems, AKTA prime, microplate reader, microplate washer and multiplex immune assay system.

  • Microbiology Lab – This facility enables the growth, manipulation and handling of microbial cultures, which are subjected to further testing. This lab contains Laminar Air Flow (LAF) units, spectrophotometers, incubators, shakers, micropulser, freeze dryer, and an anaerobic chamber (bugbox).

  • Confocal Facility – This facility is used for microbial and animal cell culture applications. This contains a laser scanning confocal microscope with spectral facility.

  • Gas Chromatography – This enables the characterization and purification of potential lead molecules. This lab contains a cold room housing the chromatography system, and a gas purification panel.

  • Flow Cytometry – This enables cell counting and sorting of primary and human cell lines. This lab contains a flow cytometer, cell sorter, cell counter and cell analyzer.

  • Fermentation Room – This facility houses several fermentors that are used in the growth of bacteria and production of metabolites .This lab contains small-scale fermentors, large-scale fermentors and a homogenizer.

  • Histology Lab – This facility enables the preparation of histological samples for various tissues. This lab contains a binocular microscope, cryostats and tissue processors.

  • Plant Tissue Culture Facility – This facility is involved in maintaining, growing and manipulating plants and plant cultures under sterile conditions. This lab contains LAF, a plant growth chamber, fluorescence microscopy and an incubator.

  • Molecular Biology Lab – This facility enables all aspects of recombinant DNA technology. This lab contains high-speed centrifuges, table-top centrifuges, ultracentrifuges, gel documentation systems, real-time PCR systems, UV-Vis spectrophotometers, sonicators and automated electrophoresis systems.

  • Bioseparations Facility – This facility enables separation, purification and recovery of a desired bio-product. This facility contains floor and bench-top ultracentrifuges, floor high speed and freeze drier.

  • Bio-Safety Level (BSL) 2 – This facility is designed for growth and manipulation of micro-organisms that are classified under BSL-2 containment criteria. Some of these organisms include Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), Candida albicans, Streptococcus sps, BCG, and Klebsiella. This facility contains bio-safety cabinets, with adequate illumination and airflows.

Our Team

Dr. Latha Damle
Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Anjana Batni
Project Head

Dr. Chandrashekar C
Consultant – Phytochemistry

Dr. Bharath B R
Consultant – Bioinformatics

Dr. Murali Badanthadka
Consultant - In-Vivo Studies

Subrahmanya C G
Junior Scientist

Prathika Bavaloor
Junior Scientist

Tirumalesh Shetty
Junior Scientist

Shyamala P
Junior Scientist

Prithviraj Jayakumar
Junior Scientist

Dr. Hrishikesh Damle