Bioinformatics in drug discovery spans the varied yet interconnected fields of chemi-informatics, network biology, network pharmacology, computational biology, in-silico modelling and more. One common aspect of these fields is the mimicry of a biological environment by a computer. Bioinformatics is a constant effort to accurately and effectively simulate nature, from a simple biochemical reaction to advanced creation of virtual organs or entire organisms.


By and large, biochemical reactions follow predictable rules of chemistry allowing relevant algorithms to be written that can mimic and predict chemical reactions in a virtual environment. If one can mimic a biochemical reaction, obviously the scope can extend to physiology and pathology, specially their investigation using virtual reality and, in the future, artificial intelligence.

We at Atrimed are pioneers in using cutting-edge bioinformatics tools in drug discovery. Our primary field of focus is inflammation in skin, in order to treat and manage diseases like Psoriasis, Eczema, Acne, Lichen planus, Non healing ulcers, Hyper pigmentation etc. We also work on pain management, anti-ageing, bacterial and viral infections, cancer and more recently, COVID-19. Towards this end, we have established a Bioinformatics lab, which uses highly advanced software to conduct molecular docking to study ligand-protein and protein-protein interactions. We have a twin library of around 10,000 natural product extracts and a virtual library of their secondary metabolites. This library has all active molecular structures reported so far. We first scan this library against desired disease targets and then confirm the hits in in-vitro studies. In addition, our virtual skin model, which is constantly improving, helps in exploring possible outcomes of polypharmacology, which can be verified through structured experiments.

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